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All models share some common features: A mode key switches between RUN or WRT (program) mode, selects angle modes and redirects output to the optional (or built-in) printer. The internal encoding is not ASCII but something very special. All tape recordings have been done through the FA-2 interface. This is a newer generation of BASIC pockets which lack the mode key.

If you are interested in technical details, see Piotr Piatek's pages on the Internet. Instead, the ENTER key on the numeric keypad is used for direct mode calculations while the return key is for entering commands and BASIC program lines. The internal encoding is ASCII with graphics characters in the extended set.

The Z-1 and its sibling FX-890P lack the tape interface.

All machines except the PB-1000 connect to the FA-6 interface.

The internal encoding is ASCII but the BASIC keywords and line numbers are encoded differently (line numbers can now reach up to 65535, not only 9999.) The extended character sets differ between the PB-1000 and the other machines of the series.

The PB-1000 shares the PB-700 character set with special graphics while the FX, VX and Z systems show math and science symbols instead.

Not all programs can be executed on all machines within the same series, because some keywords differ. More details about the different BASIC versions are available in my BASIC comparison sheet.

The FX-750P has an annoying quirk: It does not understand lowercase characters but displays nothing instead.

The main focus is still on Casio machines and most of the documentation handles just them. Not all functions work on all operating systems and some files may be handled badly wrong. Latest updates: Download the archive: MB) The Casio BASIC pocket computers can be grouped.

Within each group, the program files can be exchanged or programs can be directly transferred from one machine to the other through their tape interfaces.

It is possible to load a file saved with on the FX-850P.) I could only partly test the tape interface with the VX-1 or FX-870P because I could only write but not read programs or data through the FA-6 interface with these machines.

The FX-850P/FX-880P systems can read tapes from the PB-100 series with special commands ().

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