Selina gomez dating justin bieber

Selena started it when she told ELLE in September "who knows" if she and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber would get back together.The Biebs followed up by saying he's still in love with Selena..multiple interviews.According to one source, they are “totally smitten with each other.” The report comes not long after E!News revealed that Justin was single and focused on being healthy.But are they really back together or just friendly exes?A thorough, objective look at the evidence: Precursor: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez say they are very single.The first of many, many breakup rumors between Justin and Selena surface.

November 2017: Selena and Justin are spotted together again, this time on a bicycle adventure in L.

Update, 12/1: Selena Gomez is officially on Justin Bieber's Instagram feed, less than two weeks after he serenaded her at a Beverly Hills hotel.

She appears with him on a motorcycle in the originally captionless photo.

"Maybe once we figure ourselves out, we can come together and make an awesome duo." …An awesome duo that may actually be back on.

Justin and Selena not-so sneakily ignited the Jelena reconciliation flames this weekend.

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