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Odds are that man isn’t out looking for something better. You won’t feel sorry for his “poor wife who can’t keep a man.” You’ll only feel ashamed that you allowed yourself to become the quick and easy option for the man who was obviously not enough for her. It’s a lifelong, legal, spiritually binding commitment that you have zero right to intrude on, no matter who initiates the affair. He’s the one cheating, he’s the one breaking vows and he’s the one who will deal with the fallout.You wouldn’t want a woman choosing to date your husband.

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You’ll have to understand the highly likely possibility that he will do it again, You aren’t detached from the situation. Even if the woman in question doesn’t fit your description of perfection, it’s still not okay. I can almost promise you that as soon as the truth comes out, he’ll regret his choice and leave you to attempt to repair his relationship with the person he actually loves. In fact, he’s more accountable than you are because it’s his relationship and family.He is responsible for cheating and he is responsible for the pain it will inflict on his family.However, when a marriage is in trouble, it takes a community to support the couple.Thanks Billabong for putting ideas into our boyfriends’ heads… If the surf is ON and they have to stay with you for whatever reason (family lunch, food shopping etc..) you can be sure they’ll be grumpy, annoying and will pester you non stop until you can’t stand them near you any more. Do yourself a favour and get them one of those Sex Wax car fresheners, they’ll help hide the smell for a couple of weeks… They will constantly drag you along to watch them surf - often early in the morning when all you want to do is sleep Garie Beach, NSW, 7am on a Saturday morning. Guys, if you’re reading this article, check out our Girlfriend Gift Matrix (the best Girlfriend Gift Guide to date) for some inspo. They will at some stage get injured from surfing and you’ll have to spend an entire day at the hospital waiting for them to get fixed up.When the surf is pumping and you tell him he won’t be able to go surfing until later… If the surf is no good they are still grumpy and the same as above occurs - not a joke. There’s a 100% chance he’ll ask you “ Did you see my bottom turn?? If you see him walk out of the surf looking like this, you know you’re in for a long day at the hospital… They will also get sick from surfing too much (ear infection, sinus infection, insolation etc..) and you’ll have to deal with the #manflu. If you are looking for long-term commitment with your surfer guy be aware that, if you choose to have a family, your kids will 100% be turned into surfing groms.

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