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And while Michael seems appropriately upset about this in the end he gives in again (in loneliness?Because he figures WTF, it’s normal for this family and I’ve been there anyway?But then every time the tension builds, Rice kills it flat by running off on a tangent, or a richly detailed, but badly timed flash back. She’s the strong woman who can kill or heal with her powers, and chooses to heal. Yet Lasher completely and totally seduces her with her own scientific, inquisitive nature.

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Why it’s Lasher and Rowan’s daughter, whose milk conveniently revives Rowan, who in turn blows the girl’s brains out for being a monster. (Unlike The Witching Hour which I’ve read a dozen times this is my first reread of Lasher.) And I should point out there is some actual gorgeous, omg poetic as fuck language in this book that makes me purple with envy as a writer. I figured out that this is not a story about a creepy old house, owned by a haunted witch family. I know, that’s sooooo surprising coming from Anne Rice, right? Even those who keep a balance might be lovely, charming, intelligent, loved people, but in the end they enable the loonies and evils ones and rape their own relatives in the name of–who knows, tradition? There’s Gifford, a Mayfair witch in denial who tries to both help the family and do the right thing. She runs into Lasher, who despite knowing he’s evil, she cannot resist, is compelled to let him rape her. Literally the women, even though they are definitely being raped, don’t want to say no and enjoy the hell out of it.) In short, this cautious, otherwise intelligent and sweet person, who knows “Christ” has a dark side still cannot resist allowing him to have his way with her. He doesn’t really question religion, he just accepts his place as being constantly tortured by it.But no, she didn’t, because Rowan is valiant and true, and also fallen prey to Lasher’s mind-controlling pheromones.(By the way those pheromones are how Taltos know they are genetically compatible with someone.) So, smart, strong, can-kill-with-her-mind Rowan is currently being kept duct taped to a bed in a room so Lasher can 1) drink the milk she keeps producing 2) continue to rape her over and over in attempts to create himself a mate. Rowan finally bashes him with the ceramic lid from the toilet and gets free.To him taking over the world means getting to sing and dance and screw and drink all the breast milk he wants, as should be his right.) So there’s almost this hunt for Lasher going on.And almost this will-Rowan-escape-survive thing going on.

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