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That's so much easier than remembering Vassili Ivanovich, Mikhail Kondratich, Parasha Petrovna, ... Imagine a dude who doesn't know many words and always calls a #2 Phillips screwdriver "hammer," a shop broom "hammer," or a 15" pipe-wrench "hammer"? Every tool with a handle he calls "hammer." Would you get the tools yourself, or teach him a few new words? "Don't rock the boat." To me, this is like Socrates "for clarity" would continue to say the earth is flat, because most uneducated people still think that way, and he did not want to upset or confuse them.

Doukhobors in Canada have a similar problem.(28) Can you imagine working with someone who has very little vocabulary and refuses to learn any new words?

* The term "Spiritual Christianity" (Russian: dukhovnoe khristianstvo) specifically refers to "Russian folk Protestantism," not all of the 100 types of sectarians (Russian: sektanty).

The phrase was used by Molokane to and other heretics to describe themselves, and was popularized in scientific literature by Moscow Professor Alexander Ilyich Klibanov (1910-1994), a historian, religious scholar, and pioneering researcher of religious and social movements in Russia.

** "Sect" and "sectarian" as derived from the Latin secta, "a way, road" ...

a discipline or school of thought as defined by a set of methods and doctrines.

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