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When the performers left Alaska in October 1986, they were accompanied by press and film crews, eight Eskimo elders and former Governor Jay Hammond and his wife, Bella, who is part Yup’ik.

Thousands of Soviets came to see the Alaskans, and once again, music and dance successfully bridged geographic, linguistic, cultural, political and ideological barriers.

Belcher organized Juneau’s ” in 1987 to open that border and lectured extensively throughout the U. Over her lifetime, she founded or co-founded several public service organizations, including Juneau Hospice, homes for troubled teens, prison inmate programs, and a halfway house for re-integration from prison.

Belcher’s activism continues today, using music and environmental awareness through , a program that brings youth in different countries together via the internet to sing together with a goal of raising awareness and inspiring action.

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Doctors often use medicines ‘off-label’ to treat people with conditions that these drugs haven’t been tested on.

Belcher has had a variety of interests and experiences. Belcher was also interested in nutrition so in 1979, she applied for and secured a ,000 state grant entitled, “Alaska Holistic Health Association” for educating local and state populations about the benefits of alternative health principles.

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From these early beginnings, Belcher focused her life toward community activism and matters of social and political change. They sang folk music throughout Alaska and Canada and also garnered an invitation from the President of Romania to perform in that country.

She has also developed unique ways to bring people together to change the world. During her youth, she developed her love for the outdoors and honed her leadership skills as a Girl Scout.

She expanded her love of music by playing the piano, organ and trumpet.

In 1983, she organized 40 Goodwill Ambassadors who sang their way from Juneau to Anchorage and Fairbanks with a simple mission: to foster state unity and to convince residents that Juneau should remain the state’s capital.

Alaska Committee chairman Jim Clark said their efforts had a definite effect on the positive outcome of that year’s vote for keeping the capital in Juneau.

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