Are rob and corinne from threadbanger dating

Around 2004, she became acquainted with Rob Czar and started dating him.The couple soon realized their shared love for the social media and began their You Tube channel in 2007.

Along with her boyfriend—later husband—Rob Czar, she began the ‘Thread Banger’ channel.

Husband and wife team Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh helm You Tube channel Thread Banger. Pin the two scour the internet to find hot, new DIY projects to bullsh*t-check, like crafty Myth Busters.

Their mission: put Pinterest to the ultimate test, making the DIY crafts themselves with often messy results. They’ve created leaf bowls, edible slime, homemade candles, light bulb terrariums, and pizza cakes, with subscribers submitting possible Pinterest projects and voting to get the couple to try them out.

Confident, pretty, and vivacious, Corrine Leigh is a popular and talented American You Tube star best known for the collaborative You Tube channel ‘Thread Banger’ which she runs with her husband, fellow You Tuber Rob Czar.

Known for its quirky DIYs, fun challenges, and exciting ‘Hack Jobs,’ the channel has quite a few million subscribers happily lapping up all the entertaining content the couple shares.

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