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Mike Mann is one of the hottest motherfuckers I've ever seen in gay porn. Too bad as a performer he's about as dull as a warm glass of tap water.He truly fits the bill as a legit gay-for-pay porn star. The answers to your question are pretty much presented in this thread. I thought Tiger Tyson was married--not that that means anything.After that he was only as good as the bottom he was working with.& Castro was only interesting during his early solos & his few bottoming scenes. I heard a rumor years ago that these 2 were lovers for a brief period.His last message was I'm Send u yo Confrimation number Tomorrow 2weeks ago. I'm A Verry Self Loving Brother I Takes Care of Me !!! I'll start with the first few; OP, you sir are an idiot! This post is dedicated to OP and the all the other retards posting; who never seem to get proper recognition. It's a shame that the black guys with the biggest asses in studio porn are all straight. Newcomer Dominic Santos has a fine ass too, he has really taken off.He was talking n after shoot no more talking and I guess no more Payments . He doesn't Test non of His Artist since 2012 when I started first 3 times I no some them young Models don't have a Clue What it is They Agreed to. Some people were not feeling him because they think he acts like a white queen.But I Say he still edited it to look good so I guess I didn't care as long as I got Paid !!! Im glad somebody gave J Strokes some love, he is one hot ass dude.But 2 of my checks bounced but he paid the extra fees in town on them 2. So I show up he's not there but they rushing me n I say wassup the camera guy is new to me, he said he on the way but shows up 1 hr late. Cheers to all of Datalounges brain dead r86 I was just about to mention BP. I heard he put on a lot of weight, but I would still tear that ass up!

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Dangerous Field of Work Not for me but For the Young Ones they Target Who is blinded by Fame. But they didnt no they were being tricked so hey I Say Think About Porn Twice Before Entering Everyone's not Built Ford Tuff !!!! XL is one of the few dudes in black porn that has that cleancut buff jock look. He's probably making more coin than all the dudes on this thread combined, except maybe Mike Mann. I sent a certain Black Straight Porn Stud with a MASSIVE COCK a completely platonic DM, congratulating him on his fine work. Aron: I think we should be portrayed in various ways. The guy comes across to me as not being too stable. Here's a tasty; TXL: I have interviewed models who do not like some of the portrayals of men of color in porn…what do you think about the different portrayals of men of color?But to tell truth I done like 8 or 9 scenes with him and with exception for 2 They were Filmed Terrible.(lol) Yo The tops couldn't get hard and couldn't nut.

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