Age dating dinosaur bones

‘Looks like collagen, behaves like collagen, and it’s 68 million years old! ’ (David Martill, University of Portsmouth, UK.) Of course, this again begs the question, and leaves unsolved how protein could have survived that long.C) could not possibly be present in such ‘old’ fossils generally prevents carbon dating being attempted.But as some of these are seriously burnt out by my youthful over-enthusiasm, I needed to be clear on the quality of the resource before purchasing.I therefore purchased 2 copies initially to review it, but I have now purchased another 10 and will be seeking agreement with my wife before I order another 20.If you are thinking your audience is too fed up with evangelizing, then this will meet them where they are at.If you are thinking your skeptics are too uninterested, then these presentations will get them hooked.The article also reported, ‘Gel electrophoresis revealed signals consistent with osteocalcin, a protein thought to help in bone mineralization’ (see also Bone building: perfect protein for another example of finding this exquisitely designed protein in dinosaur bones). All the same, microbes do not produce collagen or osteocalcin, so Larsson’s idea does not seem so logical after all.

If you are thinking ‘how can one DVD be targeted at all 3 segments’ then you need to remember that all things are possible with actually that of microbes that have replaced the original dinosaur tissue, as sceptics of her findings have proposed.Larsson has endorsed this idea as ‘totally logical’ (Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Fossils?The Da Vinci code segment is produced by New Hope, Brisbane, and although they make it clear that Dan Brown has not been at all factual, they don’t deteriorate their presentation by focusing on Dan Brown’s negatives.They move on quickly and seamlessly to delivering archaeological and historical facts that you may not have previously been aware of, including a surprising (and factual) appearance by the real ‘Santa Claus’ / ‘Father Christmas’!

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